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What’s possible when we come together around story creativity? 

This is an invitation to attend a Story Wise Women Community Weekend in Warburton on 12 - 15 April, 2024 to explore the question 'What’s possible when we come together around story creativity?'

The idea:

  • We want to be in community to support and be supported in our story work

  • We want to broaden the scope of ‘story work’ to include any form i.e. oral, written, performed, recorded etc., and any genre i.e. memoir, non fiction, fiction, folk etc.

  • We want to create space for sharing leadership around the central theme of story creativity. We’re hosting, holding space for everyone to contribute and participate, we're not delivering a program.

  • We’ll use Art of Hosting collaborative tools to build relationships, foster support and encourage co-creation. At the same time, we want to hold the process lightly and approach the weekend in a spirit of adventure


The venue: Hazelwood Cottage

A big old rambling house with 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Rooms will need to be shared (or you can bring a tent). Bedrooms allocated by lucky dip.  Linen is provided. There is no wifi or TV reception. 



Bring your own breakfast and lunch. Dinner will be a shared meal. We’ll make a roster of three groups for each of the evening meals, catering for different dietary needs and also doing the clean up that night. 

Times and Dates: You are welcome to arrive 4pm Friday and stay until 10am Monday. The group activities will fall between around 7pm Friday to 5pm Sunday. 


Numbers: 7 - 10 people max. 


Cost: $295 and $210 Concession


Interested in joining us? Numbers are limited.

Register your expression of interest here, and we'll send out more information and the application form

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