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Storytelling Events 

Story Wise Women is a place for women to be heard and bear witness, be moved and connected, make meaning and laugh. 

Melbourne's Only Storytelling Event for Women

This is an open opportunity 6 - 8 women to tell a 5 - 10 minute true story - no notes, it happened to you, and for the rest of us to listen.  There is no obligation to tell a  story, listeners are needed just as much as tellers.   The nights are themed, see below for current theme.

The stories are funny and light hearted, painful and sad, uplifting and moving. The atmosphere is affirming, encouraging, accepting and warm.

We leave full to the brim with the knowledge that we have participated in an ancient ritual that is modern and timeless. We leave knowing in our bones that we are not alone. 

March to November

7.30pm, Third Tuesday of the Month

(and in October 2022 on the 3rd Wednesday)

Venues in Melbourne, or online if required. 


Dates & Themes 2022

Each storytelling event has a theme. Themes are meant as prompts, guides, helpful for those of us stuck, but not to restrict or stump you. Feel free to be creative and think outside the box, feel free to wander to a story that you feel drawn to tell. The themes are also very broad and most stories can be made to fit a theme if you want it to, but if you have a story knocking inside you that needs to be told and you think it has no connection to the theme, that is fine too. 

See below for detailed descriptions of the themes.  

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March 15, 2022

Theme: Lost & Found
7.30pm Long Play
Nth Fitzroy
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21 June 2022

Theme: Death
7.30pm Long Play

Nth Fitzroy 
Colorful Minimalist Little Hearts Love Instagram Post.png

20 Sept, 2022

Theme: Birth
7.30pm Long Play

Nth Fitzroy 
Colorful Minimalist Little Hearts Love Instagram Post.png

19 April, 2022

Theme: Betrayal & Trust 7.30pm Long Play
Nth Fitzroy 
Colorful Minimalist Little Hearts Love Instagram Post.png

19 July, 2022

Theme: Ambition
7.30pm Long Play

Nth Fitzroy 
Colorful Minimalist Little Hearts Love Instagram Post.png

19 Oct, 2022

Theme: Youth
7.30pm Long Play

Nth Fitzroy 
Colorful Minimalist Little Hearts Love Instagram Post.png

17 May, 2022

Theme: Sex
7.30pm Long Play

Nth Fitzroy 
Colorful Minimalist Little Hearts Love Instagram Post.png

16 August, 2022

Theme: Dog
7.30pm Long Play

Nth Fitzroy 
Colorful Minimalist Little Hearts Love Instagram Post.png

15 Nov, 202

Theme: Freedom
7.30pm Long Play

Nth Fitzroy 
Detailed Theme Descriptions

Lost and Found - March 2022

This month we celebrate World Storytelling Day, and the theme this year is Lost and Found. So tell us about a time you have lost or found something. Maybe you lost a way of life in the last two years, or found a new one. Tell us about a time where you lost your job, your community, your mind. Or maybe you found a new direction, a new love, a new dog. Have you lost the kids at the shopping mall, your passport in a foreign land, your heart to a stranger or lost your faith in the world? Have you found meaning, found the best croissants in Melbourne, or found yourself in the chaos of the COVID years. Whatever you have lost or found, and there are so many things, tell us that story, and join us for the return of our Story Wise Women gatherings in 2022.

Trust and Betrayal - April 2022

Tell us a story about trust or betrayal. A time when you trusted someone's word, or your instinct, a story about trusting in the future, or trusting your hairdresser's suggestions. Can you trust what you'll say after the 2nd glass of wine or have you lost trust? Lost trust in politicians, in people, in your ability to say no. Tell us about a time you were betrayed, the  truth discovered, maybe it broke your heart, or revealed something you are grateful for. Did you feel betrayed by Disney princesses, or promises on packaging, advice from others or betrayed by a Freudian slip. Whatever your story is, we want to hear it. Join us for another warm and wondrous storytelling night at LongPlay on April 19th.

Sex - May 2022

Tell us about a time that sex was memorable for all the right reasons, the deep hot pit of desire, the touch of skin on skin, the smells, the afterglow! Or maybe yours is a story you’d rather forget, one that filled you with disappointment, regret, pain or heartache.

Is there a gulf between what’s happening in your mind and what’s happening between the sheets?

Beguile us with tales from your youth, about rules and restrictions, clandestine meetings or the time you got caught in the act!

Perhaps you have a tale to share about how sex sells, your assigned sex or your own ‘Me too’ sexual harrassment story.

Whether you’ve been faking it, missing it or revelling in it, bring us your true account.

Death - June 2022

Tell us a story about a good death and what made it so. A long, slow,  challenging death. A terminal diagnosis, life support or being blindsided by sudden death. Tell us about the guilt, crushing grief or the blessed relief when death finally comes. Or tell us about the death of something - a relationship, a job, a car - the plan that died in the arse or the project that was dead in the water. The death that broke your heart or the death you wished would come sooner. The liminality, the suspension of time and space… the portal it provides. The ordinaryness and the spiritual awe of it all.

Ambition - July 2022

Tell us about a time you were driven by ambition, manically following the path towards your dreams. Share your stories of mission and calling, purpose and intention. Or perhaps yours is an account of failed ambition. The time you did everything you could but missed the target, despite your best efforts it turned out wrong.

Is your story about someone else’s ambition, how a spouse overrode your dreams in favour of their own, or a boss that ran you ragged in pursuit of their goals. Setting goals or failing to plan. Giving it your all and reaping the rewards or simply not crossing the finish line.

Set a goal to tell us your tale of ambition.

Dog - August 2022

Tell us about a dog that has made your life happy. Or about a dog that has not quite lived up to the expectation of a woman's best friend. The sheer joy of a new puppy or the horror of chewed up favorite shoes. What story comes to mind with the word dog. Are you dog tired, is life a bit of a dog's breakfast? Tell us a story of growing up with a dog, losing a dog, a custodial battle or willingly letting go. Dogs have so much to teach us about unconditional love, loyalty, responsibility, devotion and acceptance, whatever your experience with dogs we want to hear.

Birth - Sept 2022

Prepare your story of your entry into the world or the sacred task of giving birth. Tell us your tales of pregnancy (accidental or planned), contractions, labour or that nasty nurse in the birthing suite. Tell us about the awe and wonder or the messiness or heartbreak of it all, the epic journey, the mystery or the labour of it all.

Perhaps your yarn is about an idea that you birthed, a business or a movement. Give birth to your story at Story Wise Women so we may welcome it into the world.

Youth - Oct 2022

Tell us a story about lost youth or how youth is wasted on the young. The beauty, the naivete, the arrogance in youth. Finding your way and your identity. Did you experience discrimination in your youth, or did you disrespect eldership? Was there energy, excitement and joy? Was the world your oyster and did you feel like you had your whole life ahead of you? Tell us about the freedom and adventure of those years or the shame and pain of being young.. 

Freedom - Nov 2022

Tell us about a time when you found your wings, when freedom became a reality and not just a dream, or a cry from a blue faced warrior. What makes you feel free? Is it a mindset or money, is it inner peace or a piece of land.  What's holding you back, making you feel trapped and caged in, is it a story about yourself  and what would it take to break free. Enchant us with stories of freedom, free to be you, free food from the garden, the truth that set you free or the freedom of travel. What is freedom to you?

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